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Car Insurance: What To Do When Your Car Is Damaged

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Claiming work on your insurance, whether it’s for a car crash or minor scrape, is always a stressful time. At First Choice Body Shop we understand the taxing nature of car accidents big or small. As a result, we endeavour to make the repair of your vehicle as simple and stress-free as possible.

What’s more, we’ve even put together this short guide on what to do when your car is damaged, to make things even easier.

Assessment Of Insurance Work

The first step when your car has been involved in an accident is to assess the work needed for your insurance company.

Depending on the severity of the accident, and if you were in motion, affects whether you also need to assess the health of those involved.

There is highway code protocol for serious car accidents regarding first aid. However, in general, the well-being of others should be assessed to ensure no life is in danger.


Communication is essential when your car gets damaged, and it can be broken down into three separate categories. Each is as vital as the other to ensure all the correct people are notified and to guarantee transparency with appropriate compensation.

The Police

The police should be notified in the case of a serious crash. This is due to the consequences created for other road users and the well being of those involved. This is especially important in the case of hit and run.


After details have been collected, it’s vital to contact your insurance company regarding the work needed. The sooner you notify them of the damage and incident, the sooner you’ll have a repaired vehicle.

Road Users

This form of communication is dependent on the nature of the damage. If it’s minor, the responsible party should leave a note, and minimal communication is required. However, if it’s a crash, then it’s important to communicate the following information with each other to ensure compensation for all insurance work.

  • Contact details
  • Address
  • Registration
  • License details
  • Pictures of the scene

Vehicle Repair Work Through Your Insurance

At First Choice Body Shop, we care about the service we provide. Once you’ve communicated with the appropriate contacts, we will take care of the rest. 

A recovery vehicle is supplied if your car isn’t roadworthy, and a courtesy car will also be provided for your convenience during the process. 

What’s more, we’ll even handle the claim with your insurance, communicating with them about necessary work and payment so you can focus on returning to your daily routine with as little stress as possible.

Contact First Choice Body Shop For All Your Insurance Work

Our body shop is fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained professionals to ensure the best work is carried out on your vehicle. 

If you’ve been inflicted with car damage and need work through your insurance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for sound advice, competitive prices and a friendly experience.


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