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The Importance Of Paint Correction

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Paint correction can instill a breath of new life into an old, tired-looking vehicle. If you take pride in your car’s appearance and want to make sure it looks its best, then you’ll be searching for methods like this to maintain the shine of your paint job for as long as possible.

At First Choice Body Shop we understand the importance of a vibrant vehicle colour. That’s why we’ve created this brief overview to help emphasise how vital paint correction is.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is an advanced, detailed polishing method. It combines various tools and products with skilled techniques to remove surface damage to your paint and replace it with a smooth and glossy finish.

It’s important to note that paint correction differs from standard polishing by removing micro layers of your vehicle’s clear coat at damaged areas, instead of filling them.

Traditional polishing merely fills gaps on the surface to temporarily create a rejuvenated colour. Whereas paint correction fixes the source of imperfections at the base coat layer, providing long-lasting lustre.

The Process Of Correcting Paint

It’s a common misconception that paint correction is merely filling in scratches and inconsistencies. Surprisingly, when you take your vehicle to a licensed body shop, there’s no filling involved.

Correcting paint is actually the method of reducing tiny layers of your car’s clear coat to match the depths of any swirls, marks or imperfections. The amount of paint removed, and the grade of tools and techniques used depends on the severity of the damage.

As a result, you can break the different stages of paint correction down based on damage levels.

Stage One:

This stage is reserved for light scratches and small inconsistencies. Usually, just a polish and protective sealant are used in this phase, with a hand polisher added to remove microscopic amounts of clear coat to match small and superficial marks.

blue car spray paint

Stage Two:

Compounding is the technique utilized during stage two paint corrections. This is used for deeper marks and scratches. A cutting compound is employed with a machine polisher to dig deeper into the clear coat and level out any major imperfections.

touch ups being done to cars leather

Stage Three:

Stage three is for heavily damaged paint jobs and involves all the above techniques along with wet sanding as well. Wet sanding is only used in severe cases as it can cause more damage to a coat if not carried out appropriately.

silver vehicle having a spray paint

Paint Correction For High-End Vehicles

The importance of correcting paint lies in the aesthetic value of your vehicle. Ultimately, small inconsistencies will not jeopardise the functionality of your car. Even with dents, dings, and deep scratches, you’ll still be able to use your vehicle for whatever you need.

However, if like many, you take pride in how your car looks and you want to maintain a glossy finish, then paint correction is a vital aspect of that.

Contact First Choice Body Shop For Quality Paint Correction

At First Choice Body Shop we appreciate it’s not always about your vehicle getting from A to B. Sometimes it’s about arriving in style.

That’s why we provide expert technicians with competitive prices to ensure your car is looking its best for as long as possible. What’s more, we’ll even provide a courtesy car to help reduce the inconvenience.


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