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Signs That Your Windscreen Needs Repairs

crack in windscreen

Windscreen repairs can vary from simple chip fixes to complete replacements. Quite often, what starts out as a simple and cost-effective repair, can soon become an expensive endeavor if ignored.

We recommend looking out for these signs to anticipate a repair before it escalates into anything worse.

Clear Signs For Windscreen Repairs

Some windshield issues manifest in obvious indicators, whereas others can be more complex. Fortunately, a windscreen encompasses your field of view in a vehicle, which means you can clearly see any problems as they arise.


Chips are far and wide the most common sign for windscreen repairs. Anybody who’s owned a vehicle has most likely experienced a stone impact on the glass of their car, resulting in a chip. Thankfully, chip repairs are often covered under insurance and can be fixed in under 30 minutes.

windscreen chip


very large crack in windscreen

Cracks are usually an escalation from ignored chips. They emphasise the importance of repairing them as soon as possible. This way you can avoid a quick fix turning into a complete windscreen replacement.

Unfortunately, unless the crack is less than 6 inches and located away from your direct eye line, it often requires a complete replacement.

Uncommon Windscreen Repair Signs

Not all windscreen repairs are created equal, some are harder to diagnose than others. However, there are subtle signs that you can look out for to help pick up on problems.

car sitting in the sunlight

Replacements Seals

Windshield repair is often required when you start experiencing condensation or mildew build-up on the interior of your vehicle.

This indicates that unwanted moisture is entering your car. It’s important to monitor the health of your window seals because if they’re worn out or damaged, it can lead to more severe problems.

MOT Advisories

Professionals can often pick up on subtle signs that we cannot. The benefit of having your windscreen flag on an MOT test means there are no signs to look out for.

You simply follow the advice of your mechanic and carry out the necessary windscreen repairs.

Get In Touch With First Choice Body Shop For All Your Windscreen Repairs

If you’re looking for a high-quality service, then we can provide an expert team of mechanics to offer advice, free estimations, and competitive prices. 

Should you require a replacement windscreen or just repairs, First Choice Body Shop supplies courtesy cars and unparalleled levels of customer service to ensure you drive away happy.


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