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How long will my repair take?

We book most vehicle repairs in for 2-3 days, all the fillers, primers and lacquers we use are the very best 2k products that take time to cure fully. We don’t rush our work so we can guarantee perfect results every time. Some small jobs such as bumpers scuffs, windscreen and interior repairs can be completed in a day if booked in advance.

Of course some times issues do arise such as availability of parts which we cant be responsible for. These issues are rare and when they do occur we will inform you straight away and work around the clock to ensure minimum inconvenience.

Can you match the colour of my vehicle?

We start by finding the manufacturers paint code on your vehicle, usually on an I.D plate under the bonnet or in a door shut. With that we enter it into our Lechler paint mixing scheme computer, this will provide us with a formula to mix the exact colour using the tinters on our scheme.

How do you repair dents?

We are proud to have invested in the latest dent repairing technology. With our GYS dent puller we can repair dents without effecting the structural integrity of the panel. The process involves identifying the area to be repaired then using various attachments on the GYS system. A series of small tabs are welded in the required positions. Our skilled technician will then use leverage to pull the tabs in sequence to gently bring the metal panel back to its original profile. On complicated shapes this process can be repeated many times to achieve a perfect result.

The scratch is only small, why do you have to paint the whole panel?

In order for us to achieve perfect results we have to achieve a consistent paint finish across a damaged panel. If we were to just paint around the damaged area this would be impossible. As professionals we simply just cant stop painting half way across a panel, the result of this would be a paint finish that would be clearly visible and sub standard. Our aim with any repair we undertake is to make it look like the damage was never there.

What is “blending” and why do I need it?

Blending is the process of ensuring your new freshly painted panel matches the adjacent panels to it. Whilst this can seem like an unnecessary process and an additional cost, it is industry standard and vital to a quality “invisible” paint repair. Even with the correct paint code, we need to “feather” in adjacent panels with our own base coat then lacquer them out completely. You wouldn’t have noticed we’d blended your repair but you certainly would if we didn’t!

I want to make an insurance claim, can I use FC?

YES YOU CAN! And we will pay the first £150 of your excess as a thank you.

The number one thing to remember is that it is YOUR car and you can choose to have it repaired where ever you want. Insurance companies will use scare tactics such as “the repair won’t be guaranteed!” “you won’t get a courtesy car” “your policy requires you to use our approved garage”. None of this is true. Before you call your insurance company call us and we can handle the whole claim process for you, put you straight in a courtesy car and guarantee your repair for life.

We will even cover the first £150 of your excess!  

I’ve had a bad experience in the past, how do I know FC are going to do a good job and not rip me off?

Please take a look at our reviews. We are proud to say they speak for themselves. 5 years of service to the community and 100’s of customers have been over the moon with the level of service and the quality of our repairs. We treat every single job large or small with the same level of respect. We will explain the process of your repair in as much detail as required so that you are satisfied in the knowledge you are leaving your vehicle in safe hands.

I can’t get by without my vehicle , do you have courtesy cars?

Yes, we have courtesy cars available for the duration your vehicle is with us, just let us know when you book in and we will make one available for you.

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If you have any questions that are not included above, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any queries you may have relating to our services. Either call us on 01242 620434 or visit our car body shop at Unit 6, Orchard Industrial Estate, Toddington, Gloucestershire, GL54 5EB.

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